• Hardcore Urus for the racetrack? Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept

      The rumor going around is that this ST-X Concept will spawn a production model. The Head of Lamborghini's research and development Maurizio Reggiani reportedly stated 'yes' when asked if the ST-X would result in a production vehicle.

      If so, that means a Lamborghini source essentially confirmed it but there is no official confirmation from Lamborghini in the form of a press release just yet. Let's just move forward with the assumption the reports are correct.

      If so, what does that mean for the Urus? Well, expect a revised suspension, less weight, an integrated roll cage, and greater cooling capacity.

      Lamborghini says they can shave 25% of the curb weight off the Urus with extensive carbon fiber use. That alone is huge for performance.

      Apparently what else can be updated for roadcourse duty still needs to be identified and addressed by the engineers but a Lamborghini Urus race series is coming.

      Does racing the Urus really make sense if Lamborghini makes cars like the Huracan Performante? Lamborghini seems to think so.

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